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In these pages you will get to know my likes dislikes and favorite things.What puts a smile on my face and what turns that smile in a frown.You will see me and my family and friends.I will have lots of links to my fav. places on the web.You will hate me and love me all at the same time.I will make you laugh and cry with my stories and poems within these web pages.You will know the real me.The person inside and out.


Now I will tell you something about me.I am a slave living with my Master.I have been in the BDSM life style for 31 years now.And if I was told there is no more life style I'm not sure I would not know how to act.Its not the way alot of people think it is.It has nothing to do with sex or abuse.Its all done with safety, sane, and consentuality in mind.We in the life style are not ogres or monsters of any kind.We do not go around promoting the life style because the public in general condemns it.The Doms or Dommes dont go around abusing their slaves either.Because they know that the art of submission is a gift, not to be taken lightly.Its more about kink and fetishes.







 I peer through the window and see winters blanket upon the ground frozen.

The harsh beauty of each
snowflake pressed against the
glass is like you, meserising.

The mere thought of you fans
the smouldering passion within my heart,
And keeps me warm on these cold winter nights.

I long for a time when we can
spend those winter nights together
Sharing the warmth of a fire
And the warmth of presence-one anothers.

My heart beats like thunder in my chest
But the sound is lost in the crackle of the fire and the howling of the wind outside.

We move closer and the intoxicating scent of you
surrounds me,My skin seems to be on fire where
your fingers touch me.

And the passion in your eyes shine in the fire light
Two-perfect like stars that have fallen to the earth.

Midnight falls and we sleep warm and content within each others arms.
While the icy winds sighs endlessly through the eves.

Then i come awake with a start and realize it was only a dream.
A dream of longing, but that only lives in my heart.

written 9/2/00
by pamella quackenbush


Just Some of My thoughts:

There is alot wrong with this world we call free.Most of out rights have been taken away one way or another........but we are still called free.I'm sure most countries are not any better off than we are...........but the point is we are FREE!!!!!!!!! I'm a 48 yr old disabled female with no dependents..........and have applied for SSI but in the mean time I don't have an income and can't get help becuse I don't have any dependents. I bless God every day i get out of bed that I'm alive to do so........and that I have my good friends to see me through the hard times and by my side with me for the good times.On the next page you will see pics of my friends and Master/boy friend. Rest asured that most are on line friends............I've known for years.............I treat them just like my real time friends.Most of them I've seen married, have kids, get divorced, fall in and out of love, and even saw some of their kids grow up. These friends are like my real time friends in the since that we are there for each other.........even if it's on line or over the phone.We write snail mail back and forth...........some I've had the pleasure of meeting and others I haven't yet met but plan to one day.












I feel I've lost a thousand years,
Just living day by day.
I'm hidden behind the pain and tears,
My sorrow guides the way.
I can not see where I have gone,
Nor where my life shall go.
But leaving you my life-long friend,
Is the only way I know.
It will be painful, I will be weak
but true friendship never dies.
So call upon the Greatest Power,
When you feel you can't survive.
He will heal your saddest hours,
and keep your memories alive.
For in the eternal love of God,
true friendship never dies.
                                                                                             Pam Quackenbush


        For my Love
I want to hold you, stroke your hair
I want to let you know I care
I want to open up my mind
so you can see my love is kind
I want to make you understand
my love is gentle, hold your hand,
and touch your face and kiss your eyes
make you believe I speak no lies
I want to let you deep inside
so you can see I do not hide
so you can know my love is true
so you can feel my love for you 

Pam Quackenbush 



I ponder about this

and yet it still baffles me,

friends they say,


what really is a friend.

someone who will  always be there?

someone who will turn their back on you?

someone who cares for you always?

 A friend,

Is someone who trully loves you.

who can accept you know matter what

Someone who doesnt turn thier back on ,

or talk about you.

Someone who is happy when you have acheived something

someone who helps you out in everything,

someone who is there, to wipe up your tears,

and make you laugh.

A shoulder to lean on, the calmer of the storms,


                                                                                                          Pam Quackenbush

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